Heavy Duty Pull up Resist Bands Loop Power Gym Fitness Exercise Yoga Workout




Strength and range of motion across all major muscle groups. Our natural stretch material allows for controlled muscle tension in multiple directions, ideal for stretching, resistance training and flexibility exercises which can lead to positive health effects such as improved posture, mobility and core strength.

PULL-UPS / CROSSFIT / YOGA – The perfect tool to help you with your assisted pull ups, dips or muscle-ups. The versatile nature of our bands make them ideal for all fitness regimes from CrossFit and powerlifting, to Yoga and Pilates. If you are unsure which band to choose from, please view our pull up and exercise guides to the left.

Natural latex

The resistance band is made of special natural latex, which is very elastic, odourless and resistant.


These resistance bands can be used to train all muscle types

Length:2080mm Thickness:4.5mm Width: 13mm(Red) /22mm(Black) / 32mm(Purple) / 44mm(Green)/ 64mm(Blue) / 83mm(Orange)

Additional information


Resistance=10-35lb (Red), Resistance=100-250lb (Grey), Resistance=30-60lb (Black), Resistance=40-80lb (Purple), Resistance=5-15lb (Orange), Resistance=50-125lb (Green), Resistance=60-175lb (Blue), Resistance=Carry Pouch Only, Resistance=Full Set of 6, Resistance=Full Set of 6 (with Grey), Resistance=Set of 3 (Green, Blue, Grey), Resistance=Set of 3 (Orange, Black, Blue), Resistance=Set of 3 (Orange, Black, Green), Resistance=Set of 3 (Orange, Black, Grey), Resistance=Set of 3 (Orange, Black, Purple), Resistance=Set of 3 (Orange, Red, Black), Resistance=Set of 3 (Orange, Red, Purple), Resistance=Set of 3 (Purple, Green, Blue), Resistance=Set of 3 (Red, Black, Purple)


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